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Soiree in a Cemetery, Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park - October 2014 Beyond The Joke - By Bruce Dessau - October 5th, 2014

When you see a lot of comedy gigs like I do something that is a bit different usually has a head start. And Soiree in a Cemetery was very different. Ticket-holders only discovered the location of this one-off in the afternoon, which meant that excitement was building up even before arriving. There was a bit…

Greenwich Comedy Festival opening night - September 2014 Chortle - By Steve Bennett - September 25th, 2014

By his own admission, last time Stewart Lee played the Greenwich Comedy Festival marquee – in front of a beered-up crowd in 2010 – it was a disaster, and the gig had to be rescued by Daniel Kitson. But if he had second thoughts about returning, he slayed that demon at the opening night of…

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