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Like the other poacher-turned-gamekeeper; Michael Deacon of the Daily Telegraph, the Mirror’s Jim Shelley always uses my Toby Jug analogy, over and over again, unattributed, whenever writing about Adrian Chiles. Here’s just one example

Dan Brown – Stewart Lee / Michael Deacon - July 2015 July 30th, 2015

Here’s Michael Deacon in The Telegraph (May 2013) doing a parody of Dan Brown in the style of me doing a parody of Dan Brown. Here’s me doing a parody of Dan Brown (SLCV Series 1 – BBC2 – 2009). And here’s Michael Deacon choosing my parody of Dan Brown as one of his TV…

“A few minutes ago I noticed that I’ve ended up on your plagiarists’ corner. While I’m delighted by the mention, I do resent the implication that promotional use of negative reviews is the only idea I’ve stolen from your body of work.” Jarett Kobek

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