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CONTENT PROVIDER A 2 hr film of the Content Provider Tour is on BBC on Sunday 8th July at 11pm. BENEFIT SHOWS 8th July – The Secret Spy Cops’ Ball – Rob Newman, Evelyn Mok, Mark Steel, Stewart Lee, Jackson’s Lane, London. For women tricked into relationships w undercover police. Most of the performers on…

The Nightingales’ Amazing Return - May 2011 Mojo Magazine - By Andrew Male - May 31st, 2011

During this morning’s trawl through the bank holiday weekend email spam I spotted a plea for support from divisive stand-up comedian Stewart Lee. “Dear all,” it read, “Overlooked National Treasures The Nightingales (and Subway Sect) are closing my SOUTH BANK CENTRE AUSTERITY BINGE on Monday 30th May. Here are two great reviews from the current…

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