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FROM THE DESQUE OF Stewart Lee FEB 2012 - February 2012 February 9th, 2012

BRIDGET CHRISTIE LEICESTER My wife Bridget Christie is performing her hit 2011 Edinburgh Fringe show Surrealist Housewife at Curve in the Leicester Comedy Fest at 8pm on Friday Feb 10th. Press about the show is here, and join Bridget’s mailing list here for more news. CARPET REMNANT WORLD Carpet Remnant World is the title…

Your next box set: Fist of Fun - February 2012 The Guardian - By Tim Jonze - February 3rd, 2012

“It’s not as good as I remember it,” says the Stewart Lee quote on the front of this box set, no doubt prompting shops up and down the country to reinforce their doors for fear of being crushed by marauding punters blinded by such giddy hype. The quote, however, sums up Fist of Fun’s appeal…

Time Out DVD Of The Week ★★★★ - December 2011 Time Out - December 18th, 2011

LEE & HERRING’S FIST OF FUN: COMPLETE SERIES ONE - December 2011 Chortle - By Steve Bennett - December 15th, 2011

It’s almost impossible to review the Fist Of Fun DVD properly – after all, to watch all the shows, the extras and the commentaries would take 14 and a half hours. That might seem fine for a series of The Wire, but could be considered overkill for a six-part mid-Nineties BBC Two comedy show. Clearly…

LEE & HERRING’S FIST OF FUN: COMPLETE SERIES ONE - December 2011 Broken TV - By Mark Jones - December 12th, 2011

It’s remit-tweaking time here at BrokenTV towers, as our list of stand-up DVDs from 2011 makes room for a sketch comedy from the mid-1990s. Ah, d’you remember the mid-90s, viewers? Trance Europe Express compilations in Our Price, Roy Evans’ swashbuckling Liverpool side never quite winning anything apart from the League Cup, the 3DO being resolutely…

Fist Of Fun DVD ★★★★ - December 2011 Uncut Magazine - By Terry Staunton - December 11th, 2011

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