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EVENING STANDARD – CRITICS CHOICE - December 2006 The Evening Standard - By Bruce Dessau - December 1st, 2006

Stewart’s Shock Tactics - February 2006 York Local - By Tom Stirling - February 1st, 2006

Review Of The Year - December 2005 The Observer - By Stephanie Merritt - December 18th, 2005

The most controversial and brilliant live show of the year was Stewart Lee’s 90s Comedian, a riposte to the fundamentalist Christians whose wrong-headed and misinformed protests against the BBC’s screening of Lee’s West End hit Jerry Springer The Opera, last January have cost Lee dearly, financially and psychologically. Deluged with hate mail and threatened with…

No Offence - November 2005 The Independent - November 12th, 2005

90s Comedian - October 2005 The Brighton Argus - October 12th, 2005

Stewart Lee was over the top, spending most of his time on stage talking about vomit. The co-writer of the controversial show, Jerry Springer The Opera, even talked about vomiting into the arse of Jesus Christ. Lee is supposed to be a ground-breaking comedian and writer, but I found little entertainment value in his material.…

90s Comedian – Soho - September 2005 Garbled Online - By Alex Finch - September 25th, 2005

Walking away from the Soho Theatre after Stewart Lee’s latest show, a friend who hasn’t seen that much live comedy commented that we’ve got to see so much more. The only problem is that I worry that he’s peaked way too early. I’ve seen a lot of stand up over the years, yet I’ve never…

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